Franklin Pezzuti Dyer

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Welcome to the blog!

On this website, you'll find posts about topics in mathematics, computer science, philosophy, language, psychology, and other areas that I've found interesting, as well some comics and original creative works. If you like my blog and want to support it, help me buy a book! Or, if you want to win my undying gratitude and admiration, solve one of the problems on my hitlist.

If you want, you can check out my activity on Math Stackexchange and Github as well.

This blog has two main purposes:

I hope you find something here worth reading. However, it seems unlikely that this blog will benefit you more than it has benefitted me.

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Recent posts:

Schauergeschichten der Analyse Die Monster unterm Bett eines Mathematikers.
Sudoku en C Un análisis del rendimiento de mi solucionador de Sudoku.
Who's Who of Elliptic Functions An intuitive introduction to one of my favorite mathematical subjects.
Beatty Series and Sums over Rationals Exploiting extremely discontinuous stair-stepping to derive cool series identities.
Convergence of Complex Power Series I sure hope you like circles!