Franklin Pezzuti Dyer

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Welcome to the blog!

On this website, you'll find posts about topics in mathematics, computer science, philosophy, language, psychology, and other areas that I've found interesting, as well some comics and original creative works.

Also, you can check out my activity on Math Stackexchange and Github.

This blog has two main purposes:

I hope you find something here worth reading. However, it seems unlikely that this blog will benefit you more than it has benefitted me.

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Recent posts:

Charon and Algernon (dialogue) No worldly possessions allowed in the Underworld.
Aristotle's Hylomorphism How do Aristotle's metaphysical views hold up against modern science?
Falacias que los informáticos creen sobre los nombres (traducción) Mi traducción de un artículo cómico sobre fallos técnicos relacionados con los nombres.
Lügen, die die Informatiker über Namen glauben (Übersetzung) Meine Übersetzung eines komischen Artikels über namensbezogenen Fehlerstellen.
Alternate Day-Night and Seasonal Cycles What would days and seasons be like if Earth's orbit was different?