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  3. Language
  4. College Courses
  5. Test Scores
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Franklin Pezzuti Dyer
Junior, University of New Mexico at Albuquerque




I'm looking for projects in the following areas:





Academics and Test Scores

College Courses

Junior Year (abroad at the Universidad de Granada)

Class Name Date Grade
Sistemas Operativos/Operating Systems Fall 2022 9,4 (matrícula de honor)
Fundamentos de Redes/Network Fundamentals Fall 2022 9,1
Modelos de Computación/Models of Computation Fall 2022 10,0 (matrícula de honor)
Procesadores de Lenguajes/Language Processors Fall 2022 8,45
Programación y Diseño Orientado a Objetos/Object-oriented Programming and Design Fall 2022 9,1 (matrícula de honor)
Topología 1/Topology 1 Fall 2022 9,8 (matrícula de honor)

Sophomore Year

Class Name Date Grade
Arabic 2 Intensive Spring 2022 A+
Graduate Numerical Linear Algebra Spring 2022 A
Graduate Topics in Algebra and Number Theory Spring 2022 A+
Computer Architecture Spring 2022 A
Functional Programming Spring 2022 A+
Arabic 1 Intensive Fall 2021 A+
Graduate Real Analysis 1 Fall 2021 A+
Fourier Analysis and Wavelets Fall 2021 A+
Computational Immunology Fall 2021 A+
Data Organization Fall 2021 A+
Independent Study with Professor Nitsche Summer 2021 A+

Freshman Year

Class Name Date Grade
Intermediate Programming Spring 2021 A+
Computer Logic Design Spring 2021 A+
Introduction to Linguistic Analysis Spring 2021 A+
Introduction to Numerical Computing Spring 2021 A+
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Spring 2021 A
Computer Programming Fundamentals Fall 2020 A+
Calculus III Fall 2020 A+
Linear Algebra with Applications Fall 2020 A+
Metaphysics Fall 2020 A
Introduction to World Religions Fall 2020 A

During High School

Class Name Date Grade
Introduction to Ethics (ETSU) Spring 2020 A
Civilization of Spain (ETSU) Spring 2020 A
Advanced German Grammar (ETSU) Spring 2020 A
Linear Algebra (ETSU) Fall 2019 A
British Literature to 1785 (ETSU) Fall 2019 A
Summer Intensive Introductory German (UChicago) Summer 2019 A
Calculus-Based Probability and Statistics (ETSU) Fall 2018 A
Intro to Music (ETSU) Fall 2018 A

Test Scores

AP Scores

Subject Score
Research 5
Biology 5
Chemistry 5
English Language and Composition 5
Macroeconomics 5
Microeconomics 5
Seminar 5
Spanish Language and Culture 5
Statistics 5
U.S. Government and Politics 5
Calculus BC 5
Physics 1 5
Physics 2 5
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism 5
Physics C: Mechanics 5
U.S. History 5


Test Name Score
SAT Composite 1580
SAT English 790
SAT Math 790
PSAT Composite 1500
PSAT English 740
PSAT Math 760
ACT Composite 36
ACT Math 36
ACT Science 36
ACT English 36
ACT Reading 35
ACT Writing 11

Other Academic Achievements


See this page for a list of books I've recently enjoyed.

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