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This is a list of websites, webpages, reference materials, books, tools, and other resources that I enjoy using. Most of them are fun, and a few are actually useful.

List of math resources:

Mathematics Stack Exchange A Q&A-style community of mathematicians of all levels. Lots of interesting problems and helpful solutions can be found here.
Table of Integrals, Series, and Products An extremely extensive catalogue of integrals, sums, infinite series, products, involving both elementary and special functions.
Diophantus' Arithmetica A translation of Diophantus' 'Arithmetica' from Greek. This is an extensive collection of fun, low-commitment, back-of-the-envelope puzzles in the form of diophantine equations.
Higher Algebra A (rather dated but still great) book covering various topics in algebra, such as arithmetic, polynomial identities, continued fractions, and many more.
A Collection of Algebraic Identities A huge collection of difficult diophantine equations and shocking algebraic identities.
Collection of Infinite Products and Series An enormous compilation of identities involving infinite products, Lambert series, and special functions.
Putnam Archive Problems from previous years' Putnam competition exams.
Geometry in Color Explorations of tesselations, tilings, and geometric transformations, accompanied by mesmerizingly beautiful pieces of geometric art.
Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection A collection fun and arguably mathematical puzzles for wasting time.

List of compsci resources:

Hacker News New developments in technology, science, mathematics, business, and politics, intellectually stimulating articles, and fun web-apps.
Common Weakness Enumeration A list of common hardware and software vulnerabilities, including examples.
Krebs on Security A blog covering high-profile security breaches, software and hardware bugs and vulnerabilities, phishing tactics, and other cybersecurity-related issues.
Hackazon Test your hacking skills on this vulnerability-ridden website that was designed to be hacked.
Hacker Laws Laws, theories, principles, and patterns that developers will find helpful.
Big List of Naughty Strings A large list of input strings that break programs.
Falsehoods Programmers Believe In For your entertainment, a terse genre of satire that points out common pitfalls and edge-cases often overlooked by developers.
Pandoc A universal document converter. Easy file sharing from the command line.

List of other resources:

Index of Bongard Problems A huge collection of Bongard Problems by a variety of authors, compiled and hosted by Harry Foundalis.
Worldbuilding Stack Exchange A crazy community where writers, RPG players, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, and other enthusiasts work out the details of hypothetical worlds.
Standard Ebooks Free classic ebooks available for download.
List of fallacies Wikipedia's complete list of fallacies.
List of cognitive biases Wikipedia's complete list of cognitive biases.
List of paradoxes Wikipedia's complete list of paradoxes.
Gwern's Blog The blog of Gwern Branwen, full of interesting articles about psychology, technology, statistics, and self-experimentation. A non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.