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All of my compsci blog posts:

Automating associativity Never again use 14 lines to prove (((a+b)+c)+d)+e=a+(b+(c+(d+e)))!
Algebra and arithmetic with inductive types An intuitive introduction to algebraic proofs using type theory in Agda.
Sudoku en C Un análisis del rendimiento de mi solucionador de Sudoku.
Polyhedra in STL and the Conway Operators Data structures an algorithms for storing, constructing, and manipulating 3D polyhedra.
Mechanical Mockery with How to use Python and the Markov model of natural language to mock members of a Discord server.
Who visits this blog, anyways? Lots of bots.
Recursive Generative Art with Pycairo How to use recursion and Pycairo to make pretty pictures.
Falacias que los informáticos creen sobre los nombres (traducción) Mi traducción de un artículo cómico sobre fallos técnicos relacionados con los nombres.
Lügen, die die Informatiker über Namen glauben (Übersetzung) Meine Übersetzung eines komischen Artikels über namensbezogenen Fehlerstellen.
Bookworm Adventures I reconstructed my favorite childhood videogame in the browser.
Packet-Fragmentation Optimization Problems A simplified model of how to optimize time-savings through packet fragmentation.
Environmental Crossfitness in Genetic Algorithms Virtually evolved 'organisms' make fools of themselves in unfamiliar environments.
SVD Decomposition and Image Compression I extract the essence of a beautiful iguana.
Pensamientos sobre la Tecnología Una paradigma para mejorar el uso saludable de la tecnología cotidiana.
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