Franklin Pezzuti Dyer

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All of my creative blog posts:

قصتين في اللغة العربية قصتين سهلة التي انا كتبت لفصلي
Das perfekteste Bund (Fiktion) Gibt's jemand noch da? Bitte?
Recursive Generative Art with Pycairo How to use recursion and Pycairo to make pretty pictures.
Charon and Algernon (dialogue) No worldly possessions allowed in the Underworld.
Señor Palomar (ficción) Mi tributo al libro 'Mr. Palomar' por Italo Calvino.
Fish out of water (fiction) Can open-mindedness overcome cultural relativism?
An orange (fiction) The title is pretty self-explanatory. It's just a piece of fruit... right?
La hidra (ficción) ¿Cuántas cabezas tiene el futuro?
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