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All of my math blog posts:

Who's Who of Elliptic Functions An intuitive introduction to one of my favorite mathematical subjects.
Beatty Series and Sums over Rationals Exploiting extremely discontinuous stair-stepping to derive cool series identities.
Convergence of Complex Power Series I sure hope you like circles!
Polyhedra in STL and the Conway Operators Data structures an algorithms for storing, constructing, and manipulating 3D polyhedra.
Mechanical Mockery with How to use Python and the Markov model of natural language to mock members of a Discord server.
Introduction to Order Theory Introductory theory of total orders, plus some bonus applications to philosophy.
Recursive Generative Art with Pycairo How to use recursion and Pycairo to make pretty pictures.
Alternate Day-Night and Seasonal Cycles What would days and seasons be like if Earth's orbit was different?
Packet-Fragmentation Optimization Problems A simplified model of how to optimize time-savings through packet fragmentation.
Environmental Crossfitness in Genetic Algorithms Virtually evolved 'organisms' make fools of themselves in unfamiliar environments.
Trigonometry on the Koch Snowflake Explore the boundary of a famous fractal with infinite perimeter.
Population Puzzles and Mendelian Inheritance Some cute puzzles involving Mendelian genetics.
SVD Decomposition and Image Compression I extract the essence of a beautiful iguana.
Loops and Groops Use group theory to describe picture-hanging puzzles and paths on strange surfaces.
Blue Eyes and Common Knowledge Metaknowledge makes a difference.
Evolution with Python
Snell's Law and Quickest Paths
An Auction Problem
Zeroes of Aperiodic Sinusoids
The Diet Problem
Utility and optimization problems
Random Variables Part 3: Continuous Distributions
Random Variables Part 2: Discrete Distributions
Random Variables Part 1: Measures of Central Tendency and Spread
Sums Involving Arithmetic Functions
Some Arithmetic Functions
Interesting Trigonometric Integrals
Integrals involving Logarithms and Algebraic Functions
The Residue Theorem
A Half-Exponential Integral
Integration without Antidifferentiation (Part 2)
Dirichlet Series
Multidimensional Integrals
The Gamma and Digamma functions
Reciprocal-Fibonacci Series
Some Double-Exponential Series
Using complex numbers to evaluate series
Fractional Iterates
Strange recursions
A summary of functional iteration
Solving Difference Equations
Integration without Antidifferentiation
More Functional Equations
Sums with Binomial Coefficients
Inverse Trigonometric Identities
Roulettes, non-Russian
Non-telescoping Sums
The Gamma and Lambert-W Functions
Extension of Summation Bounds
Telescoping Sums
The Billiard Ball Problem
Solving Functional Equations
Pascal's Trapezoid and Some Puzzles
Digit Sums
Two Divisibility Problems
Pascal's Triangle
Explicit Fibonacci Sequence
n-Involutory Rational Functions
Iterated Polynomials
More on Iterated Functions
Amortization Formulas
Area Under a Sine Arch
Squares in a Lattice Grid
Slicing a Plane
Triangle Median Problem
How to Graph a Donut
Iterated Functions
The Lemniscate
Tilted Parabola
Distance from a Point to a Line
Island Bomb Problem
Area of a Regular Polygon
Centroid of a Triangle
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